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Modern Self Storage Solutions in Little Rock, Arkansas

Commerce, education, and culture are thriving in Little Rock, AR 72227. knows that thriving markets demand modern amenities.

Family friendly staff ready to serve you.

self storage little rock

State of the art security and over 50 surveillance cameras to protect your valuables.

mini storage little rock, ar 72227

Humidity Control Is A Priority in Arkansas
We have 225 climate controlled storage units that include humidity control, which is extremely important in Arkansas. Humidity significantly affects the contents being stored within the mini storage units. If you are storing cardboard boxes in a storage unit with a high relative humidity, the boxes will become soggy. This is because the moisture vapor within the air will settle on the cardboard, saturating it to the point where it begins to give way.

The truth is that in the Little Rock, Arkansas, self storage facilities will in some way be affected by high humidity. MyStorage  offers TRUE climate control storage which involves temperature control and humidity control. You can rest assured that your valuables will be protected when you choose MyStorage.

Control of temperature and humidity is TRUE Climate Control

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Clean energy is the future of our business
MyStorage is in the works to become the first and only solar powered storage facility in Arkansas.  Our goal is to generate a clean, renewable energy that benefits this generation and the next. Check back for updates on our progress as we move toward this exciting green energy source.
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We are committed to providing over 10,000 meals this year
We have a passion to help others. Our family at MyStorage has been involved with Africa New Life for several years and we are now able to give back through MyStorage. Read more about Africa New Life and this amazing organization here

Check out some of our newest and greatest features you’ll enjoy as a tenant with MyStorage.
Come on down and check out the facilities for yourself, or rent a unit from the comfort of your home with our online rental system.

  • True Climate Control:Temperature and Humidity Control
  • Clean and Affordable Units
  • All Units on Ground Level – No Stairs or Elevators
  • Standard Drive Up Units
  • Well-lit Aisles and Buildings
  • State of the Art Security
  • Friendly Staff Ready to Help
  • 50+ Security Cameras
  • 24/7 Video Surveillance
  • First Class Facility
  • Climate Controlled Units
  • Online Rental Available 24/7
  • Roll Up Doors
  • 24/7 Access to Units Upon Request

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